St Columba's - Havelock North  

New Zealand    

A congregation within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

The community of St Columba seeks to

  • nurture, challenge, accept and respect all people.  
  • provide opportunities for all to participate and contribute. 
  • encourage everyone to explore deeply the human spirit. 
  • explore honestly various theologies and spiritualities.  
  • accept responsibility, and promote respect for the environment.
  • allow space for each one to be true to one’s self.  
  • honour the Presbyterian heritage whilst welcoming people from any tradition.
  • place importance on the quality of relationships.  
  • act justly.

St Columba's Mini Market is back, the first Saturday in September until May. Save the date Saturday 7 September 2019 at 9.00 am until 12.30 pm - rain or shine. Baking, bric a brac, craft stalls, jam & preserves, pot plants, sausage sizzle and more. 

Remaining dates for this year for St Columba's Mini Market: Saturday 5 October, Saturday 2 November, Saturday 30 November and Saturday 14 December 2019. 

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150th Celebration of St Columba's Church to be held on Saturday 26 October and Sunday 27 October 2019. See details here. Registration forms and programme can be downloaded here.

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Columba Book Shop is currently closed due to renovations taking place. We will be open soon with a much bigger book shop. We look forward to seeing you all, in our new premises.